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Where did this all start?

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mojo (Instagram @memojoand_i) after she joined myself and Obed (@confusethebody) for a boot camp session. We discussed what inspired us to start up our fitness brands. We spoke deeply about mental health and the benefits and contribution fitness makes to our mental health.

Mojo, has boldly shared her story on Instagram-anxiety, depression and much more. Myself and Obed discussed how fitness has always been our saving grace, being able to release endorphins and creating an escape for us-we are aware there is a huge correlation between mindset and fitness. You could be going through your last rep and you have to tell yourself to keep going..

Not only do we aim for those who join us on their fitness journey to reach their goal, but to push themselves beyond limiting beliefs, challenge their mindset and remain inspired.

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